Oral Health education program for basic school pupils at Adenta

Oral Health education program - Ripples ARP

Ripples ARP, is a health centered organization built to offer ready assistance to all levels of research and projects while serving as strong advocates for the many pertinent health issues in our communities.

We draw our proficiency from many experts to provide excellent support in all health-based activities. Ripples ARP functions in three major, but tightly knit arms: Advocacy, Research and Projects.

Fulfilling One Of Our Tightly Knit Arms – Projects

Ripples ARP organisation embarked on an Oral Health education program for basic
school pupils at Adenta. This was an educational outreach program to the basic schools in the Adenta community to teach the students about how to maintain their oral health:

  • Oral Health
  • Brushing Of Teeth
  • Regular Check Up
  • Watching what you eat
  • General Oral Health Q&A


The basic school pupils were educated on the correct ways of brushing their teeth and the number of times they are to brush their teeth. They were also advised on reducing the in take of sweets that can affect their teeth.

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